Laboratorio LUCE

Laboratorio di Progettazione, illuminotecnica, fotometria e colorimetria. Dipartimento di Design


  • Goniophotometer
    Mirror goniophotometer for evaluation of photometric web of lamps and luminaries. The instrument has been modified so that other than the traditional measures can measure the spectrum of light sources and luminaries; the aim is to refine traditional representation of light in lighting software. Usually light sources and luminaries used in lighting software, are characterized by the luminous intensity ony and the color is described as a triple of values (R, G, B), that roughly represent the distribution of the radiating power in three chromatic band of the visible spectrum. This instrument and the measuring process grant an accurate characterization the spectral distribution of luminaries and light sources in space for lighting CAD purposes.
  • Ulbricht sphere
    Integrating sphere for the evaluation of the luminous flux and the light output ratio of the luminaries.
  • Illuminance meters
    Portable illuminance meters for field reliefs. Horizontal and vertical, cylindrical and semi-cylindrical.
    Illuminance meter - pocket Lux2 (LMT)
    Illuminance meter - T-1 (Minolta)
    Illuminance meter - T-1M (Minolta)
  • Class A illuminance meter
    Precision illuminance meter for laboratory reliefs.
    Luxmeter 122 (Krochmann)
  • Luminance meters
    For the measure of the spot luminance indoor and outdoor. For the evaluation of the contrast factor and the level of contrast. They also measure the luminance of light sources.
    Luminance meter nt-1/3° (Minolta)
    Luminance meter nt-1° (Minolta)
    Luminance meters serie L1009 (LMT)
  • Videophotometer
    Technoteam-Rollei, for the evaluation of the luminance levels indoor and outdoor.
    CA2000 Minolta, for the evaluation of the luminance levels and chromatic properties indoor and outdoor.
  • Spectrometers
    For the measure of the color temperature of the light sources, of the spectral transmittance of the optical filters, the reflectance of the materials and the spectral distribution of light sources.
    Spectrometer VIS
    Spectrometer UV-VIS-NIR
  • Portable colorimeter
    For the evaluation of the chromatic influence of light on field measure and for the analysis of difference between light sources.
    Chroma meter CL -100
    Chroma meter CR -100
  • Spectral sample sources
    Used as sample light sources in the didactic activities and for the calibration of the measuring tools.
  • Voltage stabilizer
    Device for the stabilization of the electric tension: TPS/M/6KW
    Dielectric strength meter
    Device for tests on the dielectric strength of luminaries.
  • Graphic Workstation
    Workstation builded for lighting design purposes. Raster and vector graphic and dedicated software such as Trace Pro, Dialux, Revit, 3D Studio Max, etc.