Laboratorio LUCE

Laboratorio di Progettazione, illuminotecnica, fotometria e colorimetria. Dipartimento di Design

Laboratorio Luce - Spaces

Piano Terra - Laboratorio
Ground floor

Goniophotometer room: goniophotometer, photometric bench, spectroradiometer/spectrophotometer
Test room: portable photometric strumentation,  complete dielectric testing solution, electric stabilizer.
Environment simulation room: This space is equipped of one mobile truss structure, in order to simulate the various positions of lighting systems.

Ground floor, plattform

Technical office
: technical staff, library and  storage

Primo Piano Laboratorio
First floor

Design room: CAD workstation with base software for lighting simulation and design.
Experimental didactic room of perceptology: perception boxes for Basic Lighting Design experiments, 50 sits for lectures.