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Master in Color Design & Technology - 3rd Edition

Academic year 2019-2020
Master of Politecnico di Milano
Design School -
Direction: prof. Maurizio Rossi, Politecnico di Milano

The specializing Master in Color Design and Technology, held in collaboration with Associazione Italiana Colore, aims to provide advanced training to professionals, so as to enable them to understand and manage the many technological and design issues, often across many disciplinary areas, typical of all those professional and research sectors in which the use and management of color are essential. Examples of such production areas include industrial product design, interior architecture, communication, fashion, entertainment and urban planning.

FINANCIAL AID AVAILABLE - 4 partial exemptions (25%) and 3 scholarship (3500 €) available.

LANGUAGE: The master is held in English. Any lecture in other languages will be translated simultaneously.

Deadline for the presentation of candidatures: 3 September 2018
Since the master is a closed-number course, class can be completed before the deadline.

See the interview with former students.

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