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Master in Lighting Design & Technology - 21st edition

Academic year 2022-2023
Master of Politecnico di Milano
Design School -
Director: prof. Maurizio Rossi, Politecnico di Milano
Deputy - director: prof. Andrea Siniscalco, Politecnico di Milano

The Design School of Politecnico di Milano and, offers the 21st edition of the specialising master in Lighting Design & Technology that gives 60 European Transfer System Credits (ECTS). The aim is to train professionals capable of following the lighting design process in retail interiors, urban exteriors, entertainment, cultural heritage and hospitality, mastering the productive and technological innovations of the lighting sector. The result of the master educational program is an innovative professional with skills that fit into the foremost lighting design activities. Therefore he will be able to collaborate with lighting companies, lighting design studios or other different realities that involve the design of light in spaces.

The master is held in English. Any lecture in other languages will be translated simultaneously.

Deadline for the presentation of candidatures: 22 January 2023 (22 December 2022 for Extra U.E. citizens)
Since the master is a closed-number course, the class can be completed before the deadline.

Beginning of activities: 20 February 2023

The master has a placement of more than 80% of the participants who were able to fit into design firms and leading companies within one year after completion of studies. See the interview with former students.

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For information on the educational program:
Prof. Gianluca Guarini: tel + 39 02 2399 5696 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Application form - Download Decree

Other professional realities that agreed with the master are:
3F - Filippi, 8' 18'', ÅF Lighting, ÅF Lighting / Ljusarkitetur, AAG Stucchi, Agence Cobalt Lighting Design, Agence Stéphanie Daniel, Altis, Antrox, Archlight, Arealite & Metalspot, Arianna, Arkesys, Artec3 - Artecluminotecnia SL, Artemide, Asa studios, Assil, Astrapto Lighting, Atelier Dada, Ato Agency, Balich Worldwide Shows, Calzoni, Cannata & Partners Lighting design, Cariboni - Fivep, Castaldi Lighting, Catellani & Smith, Clay Paky, CM Kling + Associates, Coen Professional Lighting, Coup d’Eclat,  Cree Europe, Cundall - Light 4, Cynergi Lighting, D'Alesio & Santoro, Davide Groppi, Disano, Delta Light, DGA, DTS Lighting, È Luce, ENEA, Estudio Diav, Fagerhult, Feel Rouge, Feilo Sylvania, Ferrara Palladino Lightscape, Flos, Flux cs, Formalighting, Fort Illuminazione, G.C. Illumination by Invictorled, Gonzalez - Haase / AAS, Gruppo C14, Hera Luce, iGuzzini, Ilmas, Imagine Light, Insensu, Intertek, Intra-Lighting, Invictorled, In-Visible lab, iVela, IvoryEdge Technology Services, Kardorff Ingenieure Lichtplanung, KOBI Lighting Design, Konica-Minolta, L&L Luce&Light, LD Studio, LED Linear, Ledvance, Licht und soehne, Light Bureau, Lightalliance, Lighteam, Linea Light, L'Observatoire International, Lucearchitettura, Lucitalia - Ghidini, Lumen Center Italia, Luxiona, Luxpopuli, Mandala Putera Prima, Maurice Brill Lighting Design, Melchioni, Metis Lighting, Migliore & Servetto Architetti associati, MLDlab, Neri, Nich Smith Lighting Design, Noorsaform Lighting, Novalux, Ocem Airfield Technology, Oh My Light! studio, OnOff Lighting Design & Consultancy, Osram, Panzeri, Penta Light, Performance in Lighting, PHT Lighting Design, Pitaya, Planlux Lighting Design, Plexiform, Podpod design, Pollice Illuminazione, Quanto, Quantum, Quattrobi, Ramboll Lighting, RC Luce, Reflexion AG, Reggiani Illuminazione, Relco Group, Rossini illuminazione, Ruairi O'Brian, Sacchi (Studio LUCE), Savetheclock, StabLuce, Studio Angeli, Studio Charles Vicarini, Studio Chiara Dynys (Duale Srl), Studio De Schutter, Studio Dinnebier+Blieske, Studio Lighting Design, Studio Pasetti, Studio Quintiliani - Murano, StudioNit Lighting Design, Targetti, Tassoni&Pesenti, Teatro Elfo Puccini, Teatro Martinitt, Telmotor, Terzani Illuminazione, Viabizzuno, Voltaire Design, Voyons Voir Lighting Design Sas, XAL, ZKLD Lighting Studio, Zumtobel Group Lighting.

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