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Video photometer for luminance tests

Title: Video photometer for luminance tests
Year: 2004
Partners: Politecnico di Milano 
- Internship
- Luminance
- Lighting design
- Videophotometer

The use of miniaturized and innovative LED light sources, thanks to the high performances and low power consumption is the main element of this research. With the design of high performance optics, of new geometric solutions for LED application, these light sources seem to be able to revolutionize the control of performance, granting energetic saving as well new esthetic/perceptive quality of lighting in urban areas.
Light gain an important role, not just as a vehicle of information, a sign of safety and esthetic perception of a space, but also as innovative element of sustainability, implementing new technological solutions.
For those reasons, there is the need of a street lighting system in which new technological solutions can lead to new design parameters and advanced control tools.