Laboratorio LUCE

Laboratorio di Progettazione, illuminotecnica, fotometria e colorimetria. Dipartimento di Design


Title: Fisiolux
Year: 2005 - 2008
Partners: Politecnico di Milano - Artemide
Financing fund: Artemide
- Design for subjective well-being
- Lighting product design
- Lighting design
- Interaction design
- User centered design

This research led to the individuation of some important requisites for the realization of a lighting system psycho-physiologically compatible, for working areas as well for residential spaces that contributed to the development of the product line “MyWhiteLight”.
The wellness of individuals is due especially to the environment where he lives. One of the essential requisites of the lighting system is the ability to adapt to environment. This means that it will need to integrate from a typological-applicative point of view, as well to adapt to pre-existent lighting conditions with the use of sensors that reads the illuminance, luminance but also the color temperature of light.
Applied-technological aspects, are not only related to photometric distribution (wide and narrow beam, darklight optics, diffused, direct and indirect emission, etc), but also to the way solutions are applied (appliqués, ceiling, suspension, recessed lights, etc.) and the ability to switch the direction of the light emission.
Light conditions otherwise, depend on many factors (presence of natural light, building orientation, color of the fixtures and surfaces, dimensions and geometry of the room, etc) so the system must foresee the presence of smart tools for photo-colorimetric analysis.
Domestic areas are strongly identified by synesthetic-emotional effects, caused by light and color, and sound as well. These aspect in fact affect the private sphere of relax, pleasure, intimacy and self-care.
Concerning workspaces, light effects that affect melatonin cycle, influencing the circadian rhythm have been considered. The proposed system integrates a smart technology that can manage light wavelengths, to improve the quality of work. Other than that, besides to new sceneries of telecommuting, home office, in which workplaces are much more fluids, it is possible to offer a product that is not only technologically innovative, but also stimulating from a socio-cultural point of view.