Laboratorio LUCE

Laboratorio di Progettazione, illuminotecnica, fotometria e colorimetria. Dipartimento di Design

Light+Energy+Information: New design applications for Public networks

Title: Light+Energy+Information: New design applications for Public networks
Year: 2010 - 2012
Partners: Politecnico di Milano - Artemide - Danese - OxytechMicromac - Almeco - Eliante
Financing fund: ATP Project, Lombardy region
- Lighting product design
- Energy efficiency
- Lighting design
- Material innovation
- Thermal control
- Urban lighting
- User centered design

The subject of the research is about an integrated and innovative system of urban furniture and lighting fixtures for “Urban interiors” conceived as spaces where are represented new social, cultural and economic models, with a special attention to the aesthetical and perceptive qualities of the space and to the sustainability (both, economic, social and ecological). Laboratorio LUCE is involved in the first introductory and theoretical part of investigation and analysis about the definition of the problem and in the second step of the design of lighting systems. Another argument of research will be a benchmarking about the performance of LED lighting fixtures and optical systems as a theoretical study for the consequent design of lighting fixtures with multi-chip LEDs.