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Advance LED Lighting Design in Public Lighting

Title: Advance LED Lighting Design in Public Lighting
Year: 2011
Partners: Politecnico di Milano - ENEA - Università degli studi di Milano - Sapienza, università di Roma
Financing fund: Accordo di Programma Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico - ENEA sulla Ricerca di Sistema Elettrico
- Lighting product design
- Glare control
- Lighting design
- Urban lighting
- User centered design

The experimental activity starts form tests and measurements developed at the Laboratorio Luce both on the last generation LED lighting sources and on LED lighting prototypes and lighting fixtures in order to develop a methodology for the evaluation of the reliability of LED lighting sources and fixtures. Tests and measurements are also aimed to the definition of a qualifying system of LED lighting that will take into account the Colour Rendering Index. The experimental research is useful to develop, in the second phase, an innovative system of urban public lighting using LED sources. In particular, design is focused in envisioning new intelligent function, related to the Smart Street, and in determining the photometric, mechanical and thermical details so to assure the necessary lighting performances but also the sustainability and efficiency of the whole system.