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Advance LED lighting design

Title: Advance LED lighting design
Year: 2012-2013
Partners: Politecnico di Milano - ENEA - Università degli studi di Milano - Sapienza, università di Roma - Neri
Financing fund: Accordo di Programma Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico - ENEA sulla Ricerca di Sistema Elettrico
- Lighting product design
- Glare control
- Lighting design
- Urban lighting
- User centered design

The aim of this research activity is about energy saving in the Public Lighting both in outdoor and indoor applications through the development and analysis of innovative LEDs lighting fixtures. The research is about the project of a LEDs lighting fixture for offices that is not only able to guarantee high energynefficiencies but also an high level of comfort to the users in terms of chromatic rendering, glare reductions and physiological and circadian aspects. Next to this activity, we also cooperate in the realization of the prototype of a street  lighting system, PLUS ME, designed during the previous research project, in order to evaluate the efficiency of the lighting system through experimental measurements.

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