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Lighting Design for Well-being

Title: Lighting Design for Well-being
Year: 2014-2015
Partners: Politecnico di Milano - ENEA
Financing Fund: Accordo di programma Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico - ENEA, sulla Ricerca di Sistema Elettrico
Design for subjective well-being
- Lighting product design
- Lighting design
- Interaction design
- User centered design

The aim of the research is to evaluate the impact and some possible scenarios of application of the new SSL technologies in relation to physiological and psychological aspects that artificial light induces in humans, especially in terms of well-being, both in workspace and in domestic/residential contexts. The research was twofold: on the one hand, a lighting system for the domestic environment has been conceptualized taking into account energy efficiency, comfort, colour rendering, product costs, integration in the domestic environment and specific problems of seniors living in their own home (visual, mobility and cognitive impairment). Another application area is the office for which two prototypes were designed and produced in order to meet the criteria of energy savings, reduced maintenance, improved visual comfort for workers and variability of luminous performance (intensity, distribution, correlated colour temperature). The two prototypes,  COOELO and Asterism, were made using rapid prototyping techniques and their ultimate goal is to create a platform to study and test visual comfort, visual performance and well-being in the office environment.

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