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Bluelight 2017 - 2019

Title: Bluelight
Year: 2017 - 2019
Partners: Politecnico di Milano - Panzeri - Eelectron
Financing fund: Smart Living – Lumbardy region
- Design for subjective well-being
- Lighting product design
- Lighting design
- User centered design
- Office lighting

Development and implementation of a relational network between Bluetooth Low Energy products, widespread sensors, smartphones and lighting devices, to generate and optimize energy savings based on the presence of users in public and office buildings. The project foresees the development of a technology that allows to build a relational network between communicating and receiving products on Bluetooth Low Energy technology, and the consequent realization of the useful products to realize automation and lighting control systems in public and private buildings. The prerequisite for the management of the areas of a building is based on the presence and wellbeing of the users that is detected through intelligent systems. The products communicate with a cloud infrastructure that can process data, provide reports, manage users of the system, allow remote control of systems and their updating. Moreover, thanks to the Cloud that detects and geo-locates the users even before they reach the spaces in which they live / work, it is possible to automatically change the environmental parameters and provide alerts also with prevention and safety functions.