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Integrazione di Tecnologie SMART nel Lighting Design

Title: Integrazione di Tecnologie SMART nel Lighting Design
Year: 2011
Partners: Politecnico di Milano - ENEA
Financing Fund: Accordo di programma Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico - ENEA, sulla Ricerca di Sistema Elettrico
- Lighting product design
- Glare control
- Lighting design
- Urban lighting
- User centered design
- Energy efficiency
- Smart lighting

The research is focused on the integration of SMART technologies, which is sensorial systems and ubiquitous computing, in the street public lighting in order to imagine and define new services associated to the public lighting that becomes more intelligent (Smart Lighting) in terms of energy sustainability, in terms of more comfortable spaces perceived by the citizen and in terms of aesthetic and emotional feedback from the city. The analysis will be done through a benchmarking of case studies of applied smart lighting, focusing on both service and technology already applied or potentially applicable in the context of the city. The ultimate goal of research is to define intelligent urban lighting scenarios, which can provide new user-oriented services of light and to study the feasibility of such systems by integrating them into a lamppost in order to make it "smart" and functional for the city and citizenship through simple, manageable and economical systems.